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Loffty CEO - Measurably Uplifting Mental Health & Wellbeing

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About Me

My goal is to make an impact and I am passionate about mental health and wellbeing. Loffty, our mental health decision-support tool, is changing how GPs and psychologists assess, manage and prevent mental illness in New Zealand and Australia. The result? Far more accurate mental health assessment, combined with more appropriate recommendations to practitioners, leading to earlier intervention, better health outcomes and increased productivity. It’s a paradigm change in the way mental health and wellness is delivered by practitioners to individuals and workplaces.

If you are a psychologist, GP, mental health specialist or a top people leader wanting to join us on our mission of halving the suicide rate by 2025, please contact me.  

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Marshall Couper

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Loffty conversations in Mental Health

During Mental Health Awareness week in New Zealand PlayBooks Founder Greg Sheehan and CMO Justin Flitter caught up with Marshall Couper from Loffty, a mental health assessment platform.

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