Justin Flitter

Chief Marketing Officer

I work with

SaaS, Professional Services, Tech

I provide value through

Marketing, Strategy, Mentoring

My clients are mostly located in

New Zealand

About Me

An innovative, results-focused marketer with 20 years experience helping Software as a Service (SaaS) and Professional Services brands across New Zealand, Australia, Asia, India and the United States connect with customers and build communities.

Justin is the Chief Marketing Officer at PlayBooks and our Community Ambassador for PlayMakers.

Justin is the founder of NewZealand.AI - a community and events program helping Business Leaders understand and utilise Artificial Intelligence. He's the Chair of the New Zealand Tech Marketers Group and has helped produce TEDxAuckland events since 2012.

Published PlayBooks

Justin Flitter

Has featured in these events

The Future of Meetings

Join our Team, Customers and Industry Experts for this online Town Hall event as we showcase the Future of Meetings, powered by PlayBooks.

PR on a shoestring budget - tell your story; be heard!

Your story matters - learn how to make it relatable, relevant and newsworthy.

How to kick-start an Employee Share Scheme

Casey Eden, Founder of Orchestra shares best practices on setting up ESOP programs

Creating epic staff onboarding and induction experiences

Create a 90 day induction and onboarding programme for new staff

Running fast, effecting client meetings with Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker is the Director at Epplett & Co in the Hawkes Bay. As a Chartered Accountant Sarah is an experienced Business Advisor with a passion for helping their clients' businesses grow. Play this interview with PlayMakers Ambassador, Justin Flitter

Don't Let Your Cash Flow Strangle Your Business

Hear from Amanda Fisher, author of Strangled By The Numbers - Unlock the Secrets To Your Business Success, who will guide you through which numbers are critical for success, and the importance of planning for the future.

Loffty conversations in Mental Health

During Mental Health Awareness week in New Zealand PlayBooks Founder Greg Sheehan and CMO Justin Flitter caught up with Marshall Couper from Loffty, a mental health assessment platform.

Create a Game Plan for Business Process Automation

In this interview we dig into the types of businesses that can benefit from Process Automation and how to identify the right processes to automate, how to get started and the potential impact it can have on your business and customer service.

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