Greg Sheehan

CEO & Founder of PlayBooks.live

I work with

Business Leaders, Advisors

I provide value through

B2B marketplace for Advisors and Expertise

My clients are mostly located in

New Zealand

About Me

Startup No. 1 for me was as co-founder and CEO of accounting startup RightWay. I led the company's organic growth to become Xero's largest accounting partner worldwide from 2011-2017.

Startup No. 2 (www.playbooks.live) is "Game Plans for Business”.

How does it work?

Firstly there are people who want to make their meetings suck less. Making them easy and fun by integrating their calendars and their internal knowledge base into a super simple meeting and collaboration tool.

Then there are businesses with expertise in a particular product or service who’d love to help others, especially when their very area of expertise is being discussed in another’s meeting.

PlayBooks brings everyone together.

My previous roles include being the CFO of Nike Australia and the Group Financial Controller for Air New Zealand. I have also led two 'Not for Profits' (GM of the NZ National Party and GM of Parents Inc).

My working week is often reasonably high energy, so I love to decompress by being alone in the vineyard, or over a few laughs with others and a good Pinot.

Greg Sheehan

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During Mental Health Awareness week in New Zealand PlayBooks Founder Greg Sheehan and CMO Justin Flitter caught up with Marshall Couper from Loffty, a mental health assessment platform.

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Join our Team, Customers and Industry Experts for this online Town Hall event as we showcase the Future of Meetings, powered by PlayBooks.

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