Edward Zia

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Coaches, Consultants, IT people

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Marketing, Strategic Planning, Business Coaching

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About Me

Edward is a Marketing Mentor Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) & International Master Coach. He has mentored thousands of winners globally to help them get more clients, win top positions and become leading personal brands. As Master Grade Coach, Edward has exceeded the threshold of 10,000+ Personal Coaching Hours making him a leader in his field. He's helped individuals generate millions and millions of dollars and loves it so much.

Prior to Edward starting his own company Excellence Above Coaching; he started his working career in the Australian Army as a Combat Engineer. He was grateful to be invited to work in the Federal Government on special projects in Drug Enforcement, fighting Organised Crime and Anti-Terrorism.

Edward Zia

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Join our Team, Customers and Industry Experts for this online Town Hall event as we showcase the Future of Meetings, powered by PlayBooks.

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